Recruitment Services


The office in Chicago is a staffing and human resource solutions unit. The US office recruits talented and self-driven professionals, for permanent and temporary replacement to corporations with in the United States.

We provide all realms of hiring possibilities from temporary, to permanent staffing for all positions of office/Administrative, Finance and Accounting, Sales and Marketing, Information Technology, Banking, and Healthcare. They provide benefits of payroll services, insurance and workers’ compensation. Candidates have the following facilities: they are guided in their career search, help build their resume, have the advantage of testing their skills with tutorial, interview tricks/tips and tactics for successful job hunting. The clients are ensured qualified applicants quickly and efficiently.


Outsourcing Services

In the current competitive business market with the economy consistently changing, many organizations have turned to business process outsourcing services to help supplement those departments that lack the workforce to keep up with the demand. The corporate office in Chicago, being a third party outsourcing company in the international market has identified this need and has grown steadily towards meeting the demands of major companies in terms of finding the right candidate to match their skill and needs.

We also understand that hiring from competition is a cyclical process and will not help the industry grow, but with very few options available, they eventually resort to the easiest solution – poaching.

At the Corporate office in Chicago, the candidates go through a series of interviews and background check. We select preeminent individuals to be placed in growing and well-established companies. After the selection process is complete, the qualified professionals undergo intensive guided trainings, which consist of: instruction-lead classes, computer-based training, mentoring, testing and tutorials. This helps them prepare for their new position and future that awaits them. Our motto of “promote from within,” has existed as a platform for entry level to senior management professionals in the U.S.

We have around 100 Temporary employees working currently that we placed in Chicago.
The office in India is a Business process outsourcing unit (BPO). The office in India offers back office support solutions to clients worldwide.

You want to develop a customized and cost effective way to communicate that is delivered consistently during every contact. It is often more efficient (from a time, money and resource perspective) to outsource these programs. We specialize in creating and delivering tailored solutions one contact at a time. We are an expert in inbound and outbound calling with the robust infrastructure. It offers a myriad of cost-effective solutions for your CRM needs, including hosting a CRM on the client’s behalf, building a customized CRM system and/or integrating with whatever software the client chooses.

We are immediately scalable and infinitely flexible to the changing needs of your business. We are currently servicing partners from Insurance Sales, Medical Survey, Virtual office, Diabetic Survey, Lead Generation etc
Our Organization has members who have undergone training on HIPAA and are CHP (Certified HIPAA Professional) and CHA (Certified HIPAA Administrator) from the ecfirst. Regular training sessions on HIPAA are conducted to upgrade and update the policies of HIPAA to all the members.


An ISO/IEC 27001:2005 Certified organization ensuring the requirements for establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining and improving a documented Information Security Management System and also ensuring the selection of adequate and proportionate security controls that protect information assets.


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